About the Giveaways

Bookwrapt currently runs two different types of giveaways on a regular basis: group giveaways with multiple prizes up for grabs; and featured author giveaways, typically with one prize available.

Prizes we’ve given away in the past include Kindles, ebook prize packs, gift certificates, booklover merch from Amazon, chocolate, and even designer accessories.

All of our giveaways are sponsored by authors, primarily indie authors. It’s tough being an indie in today’s overcrowded ebook market and publishing a new novel is sort of like facing of a tsunami holding nothing but a boogie board. So while every giveaway includes an easy entry option with no special requirement, often you can earn extra entries by performing simple tasks. Our writers love connecting with readers, and by following them on social media or subscribing to their newsletters, you can give them that chance to show you how amazing and talented they are.

Don't Overlook our Book Fairs for Hidden Treats!

Our book fairs not only feature page-turning books by super talented authors, they also include giveaways, ones that often take the form of games and scavenger hunts. Don’t forget to click on the Book Fairs tab for other goodies you could have a chance to win!

You Heard It on the Giveaway Grapevine

We don’t just host giveaways, we’ll point you toward other giveaways being run by individual authors elsewhere, on author websites, blogs, and Facebook pages. Click on our Giveaway Grapevine to see an up-to-date list, including the who, where, when, and most importantly, the what—the prizes being offered.