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Join the fun on our book fair pages. We have bargain books galore, free story downloads, and bonus giveaway games with prizes like Amazon gift cards, ebook prize packs, and other goodies for booklovers!

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99 Cent Book Fair with Daily Giveaways

Whether you’re lucky enough to be heading off for a fabulous vacay, or stuck at your desk only dreaming of beachy bliss, make a date with a fantastic read this summer. We have over 50 ebooks on sale for 99 cents. Mysteries, thrillers, romance, romantic suspense, paranormal romance, fantasy, science fiction, whatever your genre, we have a book you’ll love!

Every 24 hours, we’re also running a new giveaway. Check in daily for a chance to win an Amazon gift card, ebook prize pack, a booklover’s t-shirt or handcrafted artisan goodies.

Beach Reads Book Fair


For Lovers of Paranormal Romance,
Urban Fantasy, and Fantasy Romance

Stocked with 40 heart-pounding reads for fans of magic and kick-ass heroines, witches, vampires, and dragons, demons and fairytales, dystopian tales and sweet magical encounters. All priced at 2.99 or less. Plus, a bonus giveaway for your own mystically-inspired, handcrafted writing journal!

Fierce Fantasies Book Fair