Booklover's Spring Facebook Scavenger Hunt

All the fun of a regular hop for readers. A LOT less hassle for you.

Like the idea of a hop, but worry about putting up the hop post in time or getting the link right?

This promo has an easy-peasy solution. No linking or text posting necessary. Instead, you’ll be given your own individual graphic to post and visitors to find. Post it the day before the event begins and you don’t have to worry about timing it right.

Even better, this is an extremely popular event with readers. During previous hunts, participating authors averaged over 200 visits to their Facebook pages.

How the Scavenger Hunt Works

Have you ever played a matching game where you’re given two lists and have to figure out which item from the first list goes with the correct item on the second list? That’s how this hunt works.

Each author will be assigned their own playful graphic to post at the top of their feed. Here on Bookwrapt, the main giveaway page will host the list of authors participating, and the links to their respective Facebook fan pages.

Posted next to this will be a chart of all the graphics assigned to authors in random order. One-by-one, readers must click on links to author fan pages, discover which graphic has been assigned to which author and then use that information to earn entries in the Rafflecopter giveaway form.

See an Example of a Previous Hunt

Click on the Graphic Below

Booklover's Holiday Facebook Scavenger Hunt

So, What Do You Do With the Incoming Traffic to Your Fan Page?

That’s completely up to you. You can promo your latest release, entertain visitors with a video, host your own giveaway, or even do nothing extra at all, as long as you post your graphic for people to find.

Per Facebook rules, we cannot make likes, comments, or shares mandatory for entering the giveaway, though we do tell visitors that all of the above are always appreciated.

If you do plan to run a giveaway during the hunt, your name will be given a special color in the list of author fan pages to indicate this. Again, the type of giveaway, prizes, entry requirements, etc. are entirely up to you.

The Deets

All fiction genres are welcome. Author fee to participate is $20, which covers your contribution to the prizes, FB ads, and admin.

This is a scavenger hunt only. This is not a newsletter builder, social media builder or book fair. If you decide to have a giveaway on your FB fan page and ask people to subscribe to your newsletter or follow you on other social media in order to enter, that’s up to you. We’re sorry, but we can no longer supply email lists due to the new GDPR rules.

Event begins at midnight MT US time on April 5 and ends at 11:59 pm (one minute prior to midnight) on April 8. Deadline to sign up is April 3, though signups may end early if we reach capacity before then.

See's Candy Holiday Gift Pack
Grand Prize Gourmet Gift Basket

Examples of gift baskets we’ve awarded to the Grand Prize winners of past hunts. A spring-themed one will be chosen, though it will not be short on chocolate!