Chocolate & Book Boyfriends Giveaway #4

Use the Rafflecopter below for your chance to win the prize package which includes an ebook copy of Spring House by Mary Ellen Taylor & 1 pound of Hall’s Chocolate Fudge. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY.

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Melissa McClone

The Proper Princess by Melissa McClone
She’s been a proper princess—but she wants to rebel.

Princess Madeleine knows a loveless, arranged marriage awaits her. Her intended husband Crown Prince Enrique is gorgeous, but he comes on way too strong, says the wrong things, and fumbles with apologies. He’s more court jester than Prince Charming. How can she marry him?

Samantha Holt

Married to the Lord by Samantha Holt
It seems she’s attracted the wrong brother’s attention

Waiting for one’s fiancé to set a date is never fun. Especially when it has now officially been years. Particularly when one is a veritable wallflower with little chance of anything better coming along. More so when said fiancé’s brother is paying particular attention to one’s life and causing all sorts of confusing emotions.

Margaret Tanner

Cowboy Christmas by Margaret Tanner
Will a miracle Christmas baby unite two troubled souls?

Zac Goodman is a gunslinger who is haunted by an injustice from his past. He finds heavily pregnant Holly O’Leary in an abandoned wagon, her cheating husband lying dead a few yards away. Reluctantly he takes her to his cabin to give birth.

Holly doesn’t trust men after the way her husband treated her.

Will this miracle Christmas baby unite them? Or will it tear them apart.

What's in This Prize Pack?

Hall's Chocolate Fudge
Spring House by Mary Ellen Taylor

Spring House by Mary Ellen Taylor
1 Pound Hall’s Chocolate Fudge