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Nancy Yeager

Two Scandals Are Better than One by Nancy Yeager
A gentleman on an illicit lark. A lady on a dangerous quest. Their foray into London’s seedy underworld will unmask their hidden desires.

Miss Luci Wagner, Victorian-era lady, daughter of a Peer from Two Scandals Are Better Than One would like to offer some edification on drinking etiquette…

Ladies are expected to refrain from imbibing alcohol. I, however, do enjoy a tipple of fine whisky on the rocks, with a twist of orange. For the twist, I recommend cutting the orange peel with your own sharp stiletto knife. I keep mine strapped to my leg for convenience as well as for protection, in case the gentlemen nearby are not so gentlemanly, after all. And in case that fails, I keep my pistol in my dress pocket.

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Chloe Flowers

The Heart of a Tempest by Chloe Flowers
SWEET version of If You Give a Smuggler a Secret… A lady plotting a way out of an arranged marriage. A smuggler with a cryptic invitation to a clandestine meeting. It’s the perfect storm.

Keelan Grey, the heroine of The Heart of a Tempest, lists her occupation as “avoiding an arranged marriage, among other things…”

Moving from England to Charleston has been quite a culture shock, but I do LOVE the peaches here! I invite you to sample a Charleston Julep: In a highball glass, muddle 6 sprigs of fresh mint, 1 teaspoon brown sugar, 1 once of Peach Schnapps until the sugar dissolves like the attentions of a certain lecherous sea captain I know. Add ice, 2 ounces of bourbon then fill to the top with lemon-lime soda. Prepare to fall in love…

Chloe Flowers

If You Give a Smuggler a Secret
SEXY version of The Heart of a Tempest… A lady plotting a way out of an arranged marriage. A smuggler with a cryptic invitation to a clandestine meeting. It’s the perfect storm.

If You Give a Smuggler a Secret‘s hero, Landon Hart describes himself as a merchant ship’s captain (officially). Although, he says, “some might refer to me as a smuggler…”

In preparation for this gathering, I read The Rime of the Ancient Mariner by Samuel Taylor Coleridge I call this drink The LIME of the Ancient Mariner: You’ll need: a highball glass rimmed with sea salt and filled with ice. Add 2 ounces of lime juice, 2 ounces of grapefruit juice, 1 1/2-2 ounces of gin and give her a good stir. When you’ve sobered up, matey, head to the tops for watch, but lookout for low flying birds.

Continue the conversation with Landon and author Chloe Flowers here.

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$15 Amazon Gift Card
Spinsters Series by Rebecca Connolly

The Merry Lives of Spinsters,
The Spinster and I, and
Spinster and Spice
by Rebecca Connolly
$15 Amazon Gift Card