Online Cocktail Party Romance Giveaway

Join us for a virtual cocktail party promo where you’ll be given the chance to let your character’s personalities shine for guests while readers rack up entries toward individual prize packs.

This 4-in-1 promo features two newsletter/social media builder tasks, book fair, and a fourth promo opp, visits to your Facebook page or blog.

How the Promo Works

Visitors to the giveaway page will be presented with rows of “flip boxes,” each box leading to a separate mini-giveaway page where a team of three authors is grouped together by romance genre and/or heat level.

Let’s say you write sweet contemporary romance. You and two other similar authors will form a team on one of those pages where each of you will have one of your books showcased with blurb and buy button, and receive two entry tasks in a Rafflecopter created specifically for your team’s mini-giveaway.

Below your book is your character’s contribution to the party, a favorite cocktail or mocktail recipe. Or, if you prefer, you can offer a bit of party banter from your character’s POV, some fun factoid, a joke, or something interesting that recently happened to them that may not even be in your book. You’ll have 80 words. (You don’t have to submit this today).

Finally, you can include a link to your FB fan page to continue the party there, or a specific FB or blog post you set up before the giveaway begins.

Check out the sample row of flip boxes below. Each ENTER NOW button will take you to a mockup of a mini-giveaway page to see how these will be formatted for the promo.
Giveaway Room #1
Unexpected Daddies by R.S. Lively and a $25 Amazon gift card sponsored by P.G. Forte, Lucy Lakestone, and Soraya Naomi.
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Giveaway Room #2
Cowboy Rebel by Carolyn Brown and This Time by Rachel Hauck, plus a $15 Amazon gift card sponsored by Debbie White, Melissa McClone, and Lori Robinett.
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Giveaway Room #3
$15 Amazon gift card and The Mister by E.L. James, sponsored by Rachell Nichole, Ali Parker, and Callie Bardot.
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Each team sponsors a prize pack that includes one or more ebooks from a Top 40 Most Popular Amazon Author and an Amazon gift card. One lucky winner will receive this pack. Teams will be matched with prize books that fit their subgenre/heat level, be it contemporary, SF romance, romantic suspense, steamy romance, historical romance, etc.

To be clear, you will not be asked to contribute a book to the prize pack. All prizes will be selected and paid for by Bookwrapt.

The Details

When: Event runs June 11-30.

Genres: All genres of romance and books with romantic elements welcome. All heat levels welcome.

Tasks for your entry buttons: You can choose from newsletter signup, BookBub follow, Instagram follow, Twitter follow, Goodreads follow, Facebook visit, visit your website, follow your website (if your website has a follow function).

Rafflecopter buttons direct readers to the link you provide to perform the task you’ve chosen. If newsletter signups are your task, entrants will be sent to your own signup form/landing page, where you control the subscriber process. This promo DOES NOT include a bulk email list.

What if I’m the only author in my subgenre who signs up for this promo? We will do our best to team everyone with authors who write in a similar subgenre or at a similar heat level, but in the event that the pairings aren’t perfect, the book prizes selected may need to appeal to a slightly wider audience to encompass everyone in that team.

Prizes: The cost of prizes is included in your author fee.

Author fee: $25. Invoices are sent within 24 hours of signup and are due on receipt.

Author Packets: Will be sent June 7 and include pre-written posts, tweets, and a graphic to share with your social media and newsletter subscribers. 

Questions? Email Aileen at