Romance Gift Basket Giveaway

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Signup for this promo and find multiple ways to attract readers to your books as we gather a fabulous gift basket of swag, treats, paperback books, gift cards, and other goodies to award to one lucky winner.

You’ll have three ways to connect with readers.

  1. Select a task button for yourself in the giveaway Rafflecopter from eight choices total, including newsletter subscribers, BookBub follows, Facebook visits, website visits, and more.
  2. Showcase one of your books priced 2.99 or less in the book fair that runs concurrently and has its own separate giveaway (optional, no extra charge. FREE books are welcome).
  3. Contribute an item to a group gift basket that will go to the giveaway’s grand prize winner, and have your name hot-linked to your Amazon page in the list of prizes for the basket.

The event runs March 1-22. All romance genres and genres with romantic elements are welcome. All heat levels are welcome.

How the Gift Basket Theme Works

All participating authors are welcome to contribute a prize for the basket. No one is required to contribute, but those who do will be listed on the giveaway page as basket sponsors, with their prize listed, and a link to their author page on Amazon. Other authors will be listed as general sponsors but will not have an Amazon link unless that’s the option they choose for their task button.

The idea is to build excitement with a basket that will guarantee the winner a flood of wonderful little packages mailed to their door once the giveaway is over. You can contribute swag, candy, jewelry, a trinket, a paperback copy of one of your books (sorry, no ebooks in the basket), a small gift card, etc. What you choose is up to you. It is your responsibility to pay for it and you must commit to mailing it to a U.S. winner once the giveaway is over.

In the event Rafflecopter chooses an international winner, you are welcome to, but not obligated to ship internationally. Instead, Bookwrapt will supply any international grand prize winner with a gift card of commiserate value. Bookwrapt will also be contributing to the basket, and provide runner-up prizes for the giveaway.

Author Fee For Event & Other Details

Author fee to participate in this promo is $15. Invoices are sent within 24 hours of signup and are due on receipt. Three days before the event begins, you will receive a packet that includes pre-written posts, tweets, and a graphic to share with your social media and newsletter subscribers.

All Rafflecopter buttons direct readers to the link you provide to perform the task you’ve chosen. If newsletter signups are your task, entrants will be sent to your own signup form/landing page, where you control the subscriber process. This promo DOES NOT include a bulk email list.

Questions? Click on the Author Contact link at the bottom of this page and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

Add-Ons Available for this Promo

Second Task in the Rafflecopter: Cost is $10 for the second task of your choice.

Second Book in the Book Fair: Cost is $5 for the second book. Same price rules apply. Must be 2.99 or less.

Feature “Shortie” Story in the Book Fair: Shorties are ultra-short stories (20 pages or less) that authors make free for download to anyone who visits the fair. They are placed in a prominent position at the top of the book fair (see example here). You can load yours up with as much back sales matter as you like (no additional stories/or books, please), but they must be exclusive to the giveaway during the entire length of the giveaway.

Complete guidelines are available here. Cost is $10 for this add-on.