Submit a Giveaway to the Grapevine

So, you’re running a giveaway on your author website, blog, or Facebook fan page. And you want as many people to know about it as possible, right? Of course, you do! How about a little extra promo? Post your giveaway to the Giveaway Grapevine. If approved, your giveaway link, info and giveaway image (if you have one) will appear here within 48 hours.

Note: You are limited to one grapevine listing at a time. 

Please Read the Rules Carefully Before Filling Out the Form

  • The grapevine is for fiction-related giveaways only. All genres.
  • The grapevine is for single author giveaways only.
  • Your giveaway must be NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Any submissions that require a purchase or a book review for entry, even to earn an extra entry or bonus, will be rejected.
  • Your giveaway must be posted on your author website, blog, or Facebook page, or the link must go directly to the entry form (i.e. an Amazon giveaway).
  • Your giveaway must be accessible to anyone who follows the link. Links that require signing into standard websites such as Facebook or Amazon are fine, but asking people to register and log into a site you own or profit from before they can enter is not allowed.
  • Your rules for entry must be clearly stated on your webpage or in the entry form.
  • Prizes must have a retail value (minimum 99 cents) that is clearly stated on your webpage or in the entry form.
  • The Grapevine is not the venue to promo your perma-free, Kindle Unlimited, Instafreebie/Bookfunnel, or any other type of free book download.

Currently, there is no cost for posting to the Grapevine, though if approved, you will be asked to reciprocate by sharing a supplied Grapevine graphic and linking it to

Now that we have the official stuff out of the way, let’s get going!

Share This Graphic

Above is the graphic you will be asked to share and link in exchange for a listing on the Grapevine. You can share it either once in your newsletter, once in a posting on Facebook, or tweet it three times.