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Writing Erotica

Writing erotica.

How I Became an Author of Erotica

Hint: It was an accident…

by Simone Leigh

So…. people ask, how did you end up as an Author of Erotica?

And d’you know… it was accidental.

Not becoming a writer, you understand. That was anything but accidental. I knew by the time I was eight, that one day I would earn my crust by writing. But specifically, an author of Erotica? I never saw that coming.

So, what happened?

I’m English and had the dream of owning my home. I had the mortgage, the business, and it was fun for a while.

Then, 2007 struck. Everything stopped being fun and instead of being a home-owning, self-employed worker, suddenly I was a mortgage slave. I could not work hard enough to pay for everything. And when you pay a mortgage using a credit card, something’s wrong.

So, we left the UK and moved to Spain, where you can live well on not-a-lot.

I was now free to start writing. With the aim of becoming a professional (i.e. ‘paid for my work’) author, I wrote books about rescue dogs. People bought a few copies, said how much they enjoyed them, and moved on. It was fun, but I earned very little and my partner was still hopping between Spain and the UK for weeks at a time. And he was complaining of being ‘lonely’ (if you get my drift….).

So, I wrote him a little story, to ‘keep him company’. The title, ‘Charlotte Chastised’, tells you most of what you want to know about the plot.

He loved it and asked for more.

And, in a spirit of adventure, I picked a pen name, uploaded to Amazon at 99¢ and…. it disappeared into a black hole. It never sold a copy. Not one.


I took a marketing course and a few weeks later, unpublished ‘Charlotte Chastised’, rewrote it with new character names, book cover, title, and a fresh pen-name, and republished on Kindle for Free, wanting to see if anyone would download it.

Lo and behold, it downloaded by the hundreds. I was so thrilled.

I wrote a sequel, again, pricing at Free. Would people who had read my first story, go on to read the sequel?

Yes, they did….

Finally, I wrote another sequel at 99¢.

Hallelujah! It sold, in respectable enough numbers that I could call myself a paid author.

And that is how I became an Author of Erotica….

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12 thoughts on “How I Became an Author of Erotica

  1. Who is your favorite author of erotica or erotic romance? Simone Leigh And why? The reason she is my favorite author of erotica romance is because there is true romance in her books. They aren’t just wham bam, thank you mam. You get to know her characters and fall in love with them. They become your friends and it is like you really know them like they are real people you could go and meet for a drink. I have purchase almost all of her books.

  2. Favorite author and why: I can’t give an answer. I’ve read many stories and tend toward certain authors when I like some of their work. But then I usually find something about their work I don’t like. Nothing against them personally, it may just be a bedroom situation in a book that is not my style. So I really don’t have a favorite author. But I’m glad there are many authors to keep me going. At night. In bed. *Wink wink*

  3. I have 4 favorite erotica authors and they are Sylvia Day, Simone Scarlett, Lora Leigh and Simone Leigh. That is in no particular order. I had never read erotica in my life and one day my boyfriend came home with 2 Sylvia Day books. I did not know who she was, so I basically put the books on a shelf. when it came to no books to read, I read Sylvia Day and I was hooked. If I had to put authors in order as to favorites it would have to be Simone Leigh Simone Scarlett, Sylvia Day then Lora Leigh. why?? The question has always stumped me. I guess you can say, as a reader, I look for tiny things that authors don’t really look at when they write. I look at the characters. I look at the story line. I have to have a picture in my mind to understand the story. If I cannot make a little movie in my.mind when reading then, I really hate to say it but that means the writer is not good. But, with these authors I have all the emotions, I have the storyline and I have the movie. In my mind that is the BEST writer in the world!!! Right now I am on the look out for male erotica writers. I have never read any and I want to see if they are as good as the females. Recs are welcome for male erotica writers.

  4. I have read several authors of Erotica but I always come back to Simone Leigh. Why you ask? Because I can relate to the characters through her writing skills. And because I love, Love, LOVE the way she describes the BDSM scenes!

    1. Thanks for that Carla. It’s always good to hear that my characters are ‘relatable’. Even if they’re not being ‘nice’ at the time, it’s important for people to be able to ‘feel’ them.

  5. I loved Simone Leigh’s writing. The plot is not just about sex and how many times they have it & how many ways its done! These are complex characters. Simone makes them come alive iff the page. For example Charlotte is woman who wants more for herself but has no way to get it so she sells the only thing of value that she has. If you think this is not a scrnario that happens in real life. Think again. I love Simone’s heroines and her heros!

    1. Thanks Maura. That’s great to hear. I’m trying all the time to ‘up my game’ on the way I tell my stories and to make my characters more than flat caricatures. It’s nice to hear it’s working 🙂

  6. Simone Leigh is why I continue to read erotica! I love that there is actually a story and not just bumping and grinding. Simone has a way of pulling you into the story by either making you identify with one of the characters or by making you hate what’s been happening to the main characters. Throw in some love, TLC and of course a dash of steamy and I’m hooked. It also helps that my brain doesn’t have to change words or remove things from the stories because the author hasn’t written the story very well. ❤️

  7. Thanks for sharing your fascinating odyssey. I am fellow author (The Tough & Tender Caregiver) and understand how tough it is to complete a book.

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