Spring Has Sprung Kindle Unlimited Book Fair Author Signups

All Genres Welcome! This Fair is for Kindle Unlimited Books Only

Help readers who are members of Kindle Unlimited on Amazon discover your fiction with this book fair created for KU authors!

The fair runs April 10-13. All fiction genres are welcome, with some restrictions (see below*). Books can be any price but they MUST be available for download through Kindle Unlimited. They DO NOT have to have a springtime theme.

Daily Giveaways Invite Readers to Click on Your Books

Bookwrapt will host two types of giveaways daily during the event to bring readers to the fair and encourage them to click on your books.

Instant Giveaways: Bookwrapt will randomly pick two to four books in the fair and purchase copies to award to readers via instant giveaways (the number of copies each day depends on book price, the pricier the book, the fewer the copies). Readers must click on books in the fair to find the ones that lead to an instant giveaway.

Scavenger Hunt Style Giveaways: These are daily giveaways for gift cards and other booklover goodies. Each day a new Rafflecopter will be posted at the bottom of the page with a series of questions. To earn entries, readers must click on the books in the fair to search for answers to the questions contained within book descriptions on Amazon.

Bookwrapt pays for all prizes. Your author fee covers the cost of prizes, ads, and admin.

The Details

You can submit one to three books for the fair. Costs are $10 for the first book, $10 for the second book, and $5 for the third book.

To participate, you must agree to share the event in your newsletter and/or on social media.

On April 5, you will receive a packet that includes pre-written posts, tweets, and a graphic to share with your social media and newsletter subscribers.

This is a BOOK FAIR ONLY. The daily Rafflecopters are to designed to attract readers to the page to shop your books. They won’t have follow or signup buttons for the authors.

All books MUST be enrolled in Kindle Unlimited during the fair. Any books not available for download through KU during the fair or will be removed.

Questions? Click on the Author Contact link at the bottom of this page and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

*No pornography. Books with excessive nudity or violence on the cover may be rejected. Books that portray abuse, rape, incest, or pedophilia in a positive light, or which are offensive to any race, gender, or religion will be rejected. We reserve the right to reject a book for any reason. 

Add-Ons Available for this Promo ~ Author Fees Apply

Second/Third Book in the Book Fair: Cost is $10 for the second book, $5 for a third book. All books in this fair must be enrolled in Kindle Unlimited.

Feature “Shortie” Story in the Book Fair: Shorties are ultra-short stories (20 pages or less) that authors make free for download to anyone who visits the fair. They are placed in a prominent position at the top of the book fair (see examples here). You can load yours up with as much back sales matter as you like (no additional stories/or books, please), but they must be exclusive to the giveaway during the entire length of the giveaway.

Complete guidelines are available here. Cost is $10 for this add-on.