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Marvin the Martian and Bugs Bunny
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Marvin the Martian is the Greatest

by Donna R. Mercer

I have always been a big cartoon watcher. It is something that I picked up from my father when I was a child. Over the years we have spent many hours watching cartoons together. As I grew up I became very partial to which cartoons I liked and which ones I didn’t. One of my favorites was Bugs Bunny.

Yeah, I thought Bugs had skills, but I would watch his cartoon for a chance glimpse of my all time favorite character Marvin the Martian. When The Martian, the movie starring Matt Damon, came out I was so disappointed he wasn’t green.

Yes, I love me some Marvin the Martian. He would fly through space in his ship trying to catch Bugs with his sidekick, K-9 (that was so clever K-9, canine). I would get up early on Saturday morning to do my chores, while my father cooked us kids breakfast so that I could be done in time to watch Bugs Bunny in hopes I’d catch a glimpse of my favorite alien Marvin.

And of course, because Bugs is a TV hog, most of the shows were always about him. Until…Duck Dodgers in the 24-1/2 Century. Now I am really showing my age because I loved me some Buck Rogers in the 25th Century and when Duck Dodgers made an appearance I was completely lost. Hopeless.

My father and I would sit and laugh as we ate pancakes and sausage that he made, watching Marvin trying to destroy the Earth and Duck Dodgers foiling him. The only good thing about Duck Dodgers is for once Daffy got to be the hero instead of it always being Bugs (yeah, not a big fan of the bunny).

I still watch Saturday morning cartoons with my dad though we watch them on YouTube. We still do it over our pancakes and sausage, except for now I cook them and my dad gets to enjoy them. We sit, we laugh, and we quote our favorite cartoon characters.

“Where is the Ka-Boom? There is suppose to be an Earth shattering Ka-Boom!” – Marvin the Martian

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