Q & A

How are winners chosen?


Unless we say otherwise on a particular event page, all our winners are selected at random, using third-party tools. For example, if we’re running a Rafflecopter or Amazon giveaway, we depend on their services to select the winners at random.

For giveaways where we choose the winners on the site, we again use, third-party tools such as random number generators to make sure everyone has a fair shot at winning.

Though we aren’t currently running any first come-first served giveaways or contests where entries are judged on quality and creativity (i.e. send in your best video reading of Jane Eye in pig Latin), or skill-based contests where the person who gets the highest score wins, we may add some like these in the future.

When and how are winners contacted?

Rafflecopter giveaways: Winners are notified within 72 hours of a giveaway’s closing (weekends excluded). If you are selected as a winner, you will be notified via the email address you provided when entering and asked to respond to our email within 48 hours. If you do not confirm within 48 hours, you will be disqualified and another winner will be chosen from among the eligible entries.

Why 72 hours? That window allows us time to contact authors in the event we need to verify your entry, (i.e. to check that you are subscribed to an author’s newsletter if your winning entry was earned by signing up).

Amazon giveaways: Winners are notified and announced and prizes distributed per Amazon’s rules, over which we have no control. If you enter an Amazon giveaway posted on Bookwrapt, please consult Amazon’s giveaway rules to learn about notifications and winner announcements.

How are winners announced?

Winners are announced depending on the type of giveaway. Most of our giveaways are run through Rafflecopter, which allows us to post the winners in the entry form itself once the giveaway is over.

Other platforms, such as Amazon giveaways, have their own rules and procedures for contacting and announcing winners. You will need to consult their websites for that information.

When we announce winners here on Bookwrapt, either via a Rafflecopter form, or by manually posting winners on a page, we post a winner’s first name and last initial only.

Note: Rafflecopter allows people to sign into their service using Facebook and whenever their widget posts the winners of a giveaway, it may also post a tiny version of a winner’s Facebook profile pic if that person signed in using Facebook. This is not under our control, but rather is under the control of Rafflecopter’s giveaway app. 

Are your giveaways open internationally?

Most are.

While the rules may differ from giveaway to giveaway, they are typically open internationally to anyone 18 years or older. If not, this will be clearly stated on the giveaway page.

Because we are in the U.S., however, international winners will be provided with an Amazon gift certificate in an amount equal to the value of the prize. We do our best to send each international winner a gift certificate from their nation’s Amazon website. In instances where gift certificates aren’t sold on a winner’s local Amazon site (Amazon Australia we’re looking at you) or Amazon does not exist in that nation, the gift certificate will be provided from Amazon U.S. or U.K.

Giveaways are also void where prohibited depending on location. Each giveaway lists its own set of rules. Please consult them before entering.

Am I going to be signed up for a bazillion newsletters if I enter one of your giveaways?


Bookwrapt does not do “bulk” email signup giveaways. Our giveaways are GDPR-compliant. Depending on the giveaway, you may be able to earn extra entries by subscribing to authors’ newsletters individually, one author at a time. In doing so, you will be following each author’s procedure for subscribing to their newsletter on their newsletter form or signup page.

What information do you collect from me when I enter one of your giveaways?

Our giveaways are almost always run by third-party sites or apps such as Rafflecopter or Amazon, so the information you give them is determined by their user policies.

Rafflecopter giveaways: When Rafflecopter randomly selects winners, they provide us with each winner’s name, email address, country of origin, and IP address. If a winner signed into their app using Facebook, we will also be given a link to the winner’s Facebook profile. We use this information to notify winners that they’ve won.

We can request a file from Rafflecopter that includes this information for every entry in the giveaway. Typically we would only consult this file if given reason to believe someone was cheating on a giveaway.

We will never add you to our newsletter without your permission or send you unsolicited emails. If you want to receive regular emails from us with news and notifications of new giveaways, you will need to subscribe to our newsletter.

Amazon giveaways: Amazon provides us only with the names of confirmed winners. Because Amazon is the one distributing the prizes, we don’t need any additional information and Amazon does not supply it to us.

In rare cases where we decide to run a giveaway without using Rafflecopter or Amazon, the information we collect will be stated in the rules.

For more information about your data and how it is used by this site, please read our Privacy Policy.