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2 Hearts Drawn in the Sand at the Beach

Make sure you’re ready to vacay in comfort!

The “Essentials” Bag

The perfect escape must have all three…

by Elsie Davis

So you’re ready for a vacation? Great. Deciding where to go is always tough. Let’s see, the Caribbean, the Caribbean, or the Caribbean. Just kidding. Alaska and Australia were incredible and I have a few places yet to see on my bucket list.

You’ve booked the trip, packed your suitcase and you’re ready to relax. Perfect? Not yet. Make sure you have an “essentials” bag, a must have for any fantastic vacation.

So what’s in an “essentials” bag? 1) The perfect book, or two, or three. 2) The perfect treats. 3) The perfect wine (or beverage of choice).

For me, the perfect “essentials” bag would include: A Sweet Romance like Annie Seaton’s Australian Bondi Beach series, dark chocolate, and Hope’s End Red Blend wine from Australia. (Maybe I should be going to Australia again) If I really want to go crazy, I need to throw in cheese and crackers, after all, what’s wine time without cheese and crackers.

A couple drinking wine at the beach

It doesn’t matter where you are, if you have an “essentials” bag, you can be happy. You can forget a dynamite pair of shorts, or your deodorant, or even your eighth pair of shoes, but don’t forget your “essentials. ” No vacation is complete without the proper tools of relaxation.

I can remember lots of vacations that most people would consider a washout, sun wasn’t shining, torrential rains, cancelled tours, brochures more hype than reality, hotels worse than a nightmare, but it always worked out if I had my “essentials” because I could make myself happy. And yes, even the nightmare hotel – the wine helped a lot with that one, not going to lie, and I didn’t stick around long enough to worry about anything else.

So what’s in you bag?

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Elsie Davis discovered the world of Happily-Ever-After romance at the age of twelve when she began avidly reading Barbara Cartland, the Queen of Romance, and has been hooked ever since. An award-winning author and active member of RWA, she writes sweet contemporary romance and romantic suspense.

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27 thoughts on “The “Essentials” Bag

  1. My essentials would be a Dark romantic-suspense, dark chocolate, and dark roast coffee. If I had these the rIn could come and i would still be relaxed and enjoying vacation time!

  2. Can I cheat a little? My essentials include my iPad fully loaded with books (one is not enough!), a fluffy beach towel to be comfortable anywhere, and a bottle of tequila. Okay, I guess I’m going to Mexico instead of the Caribbean!

    Fun post!

  3. Loved reading this. I think my 1st essential would be my phone. It comes loaded with photos of my family, all my favorite music, and the celebrity chat app for Jeremy Renner. My second essential would have to be coconut water. I’m addicted to it, and it’s so good under a hot sun. My third essential would be a notebook with my favorite pen.

    1. Interesting bag…phone..absolutely…coconut water…delicious…notebook. I love it…I’d be writing story ideas…what do you do with it? Stories. Drawings. Thoughts. Diary. ????

  4. Great post! My essentials are: a Scottish romance (paperback, though I do carry my kindle), cell phone for taking pictures, and travel journal to write my experiences.

  5. Hmmm, since I rarely ever get to travel, this is tough…book would be a magazine, simply because I find it hard to focus when I’m out of the house. For treats I would say something salty and sweet. For drink, red wine for sure.

  6. My essentials: historical romance (or admittedly, we love a Lonely Planet or DK travel book/guide…b/c we are hikers/outdoor enthusiasts, so those are with us, and we like to journal–does that count?), any sweets (I love them all), and coffee (must have coffee!). Worst “hotel” was a night “glamping” near Moab, UT. I won’t go into details; let’s just say mother nature was brutal. Kids were with us, too. It was horrific.

    1. Historical sounds good…and for explorers guide books are fantastic! Journals always count! I hate to picture…I remember one camping trip where mother nature wasn’t very nice and kids were with us also! Poor kids! 🙁

  7. Historical sounds good…and for explorers guide books are fantastic! Journals always count! I hate to picture…I remember one camping trip where mother nature as in weather delivered a nightmare during the night and our kids were with us. Your poor kids. 🙁

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