Author Services

We offer three services for authors, Group Giveaways, Custom Giveaways (still in beta and not available for signups quite yet), and the Giveaway Grapevine.

August 99 Cent Book Fair & Love to Last Romance Giveaway

Group Giveaways

Group giveaways are available to authors in a variety of genres (romance, romantic suspense, fantasy & science fiction, etc.) and work on achieving different goals (newsletter building, BookBub follows, etc.). Groups giveaways use the power in numbers to build momentum with all participating authors sharing the giveaway with their social media followers and newsletters.

You’ll find our current group signups here.

Giveaway Grapevine

Are you running a solo giveaway on your website, blog, or Facebook page? Score some free promo by posting to the Giveaway Grapevine. Due to launch on Thursday, May 3, this feature will point our site’s visitors toward your giveaway.

You can submit at Grapevine listing here.