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Reading for writing and writing for reading.


Writers Are Readers Too

by TL Clark

Have you ever thought about what writers read?

I’m a romance writer and love hopping around the sub-genres. And this is also my preferred genre to read.

I started writing to create the sort of books I’d like to read more of. I was getting increasingly frustrated at the plethora of series. My reading time is limited, so prArtistic Photo of TL Clarkefer standalones. And I’d read a very popular book which I thought was utter tripe; that really gave me the final push to try my hand.

Having chosen the indie path, I’ve discovered some great authors on my journey. I read and review books as much as time permits. Books I’d genuinely recommend to a friend also get reviewed on my blog.

This is not restricted to romance books. It’s great fun exploring other genres and stepping outside the confines of my comfort zone.

There’s been unicorns in a children’s book, paranormal detectives, competitive snowboarders, kidnappers, different planets, and old ladies adventuring through Scotland. All sorts.

And the wonderful thing is, the more I read, the more my mind expands. And the more my mind expands, the better writer I can become.

So, next time you’re reading, pause to imagine what the author likes to read. It might just surprise you.

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About TL Clark

TL Clark is a British author who stumbles through life as if it were a gauntlet of catastrophes. She writes heart-racing, tear-inducing tales of love. And lives with her hubby and spoiled cat in the south of England.

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31 thoughts on “Writers Are Readers Too

  1. The book (ARC) I’m reading now is 2nd in a series. It’s called Claimed by the Beast, by Logan Fox.

    I’m pending on your Street Team.

    1. Pending no more. Apologies; silly fb didn’t notify me, tsk!
      Loving the sound of Claimed by the Beast. I have a PNR in my offerings too 😉
      Thanks for entering. Good luck xx

  2. The last book I read was an ARC of The Last Carousel of Provence by Juliet Blackwell. While it was a decent read, there were parts that were too unbelievable to really just lose myself in it. Sometimes it takes a real stretch of the imagination to read books. I love books that are so real to life I can think of them as real people and really lose myself in the story. I didn’t get this from the book. Really had the potential to be fantastic but a few things that should have been caught or thought about weren’t. Anyway that was my last book real all the way through. Am half way through the next. I really love historical fiction.

    1. Oh, I’m sorry you had that experience.
      We all like different things, which makes the world go round. But sometimes we think we’re going to like something, only for it not to meet expecations.
      May your current read be more pleasing.

      Incidentally, I’m just writing a Regency romance.

  3. The last one I read was The President Is Missing. Pretty awesome book. I’ll have to re read though. Doc put me on some new needs that made me doze quite a bit while reading, so now that I’m off those again, I will have to go back and read it without falling asleep.

  4. The last book that I’ve read… I’m reading Furyborn (Empirium, #1) by Claire Legrand, and the last book that I’ve finished was Cross by D.A. Roach. Thank you <3

  5. What a lovely lot of entries, and an eclectic mix of books.
    Thank you to you all for entering.

    However, there can only be one winner, and that is…. (*drumroll*)…
    K’Tee Bee Hutherson
    Please email me so I can get the book to you, with ‘Bookwrapt Winner Claim’ as your email subject.

    If you are feeling disappointed, please know you can order Self Love now, in time for its 24th Sep release from and all good online retailers

    Happy reading <3

  6. Weird!? My post announcing the winner doesn’t seem to have worked.
    Let’s try again…

    Thank you to everyone who entered. It’s lovely to see such a great mix of books being read.

    The winner for this giveaway is… (*drumroll*)…
    K’Tee Bee Hutherson
    Congratulations. Please email me (address above the book cover up here^)

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