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Bookwrapt is that sort of connection, a place for events, fun, and finding new authors whose books are definitely worth a read. Enter one of our giveaways for your chance to win Kindles, ebooks, and other great prizes, shop our book fairs for book bargains (some FREE!) or say hello to our featured authors of the week.

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How would you like to win a Kindle or a prize pack of books where you get to choose the ebooks YOU want to win? You might take home a gift card, or maybe some sweet booklover’s merch. You’ll never know unless you enter one of our mega giveaways for your chance to win! Our giveaways, sponsored by different groups of authors, each offer multiple prizes up for grabs!

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With page-turning books by the current mega-giveaways’ sponsors, you are sure to find a hot new read, many FREE, to plunk at the top of your To Be Read list. Plus, every fair includes treats for readers, bonus giveaways or “shortie” book instant downloads, or both!

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For a reader, there’s nothing better than the joy of finding a fav new author whose books you will search out and hunt down, whether they’ve been hiding from you in the sea of ebooks that is Amazon, or tucked away in a used bookstore. Tap into our single author giveaways for the chance to win cool prizes, AND meet new writers in your favorite genres.

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