Can’t find enough melt-your-heart love stories or scorching hot heroes to fill out the end of your summer? Our fair is filled with romances on sale for 2.99 or less (some FREE) fit whichever category you love best from the sweetest to the naughtiest. Plus, while you’re shopping, why not enter our bonus giveaway for a gold ballotin of GODIVA chocolate!

Book Fair & Bonus Giveaway Have Ended ~ Winner of the Godiva is Listed in the Rafflecopter Below

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Bonus Giveaway

It was so popular with our Summer Nights Giveaway that just closed, that we’ve brought it back for again, the Godiva Gold Ballotin Chocolate Giveaway. Scroll to the bottom of this page to find the Rafflecopter entry form. The form has three questions. The answers may be found in the book descriptions on Amazon belonging to three of the books in our fair. Click on the books and see how many answers you can find!


Bonus giveaway? Does that mean there’s a main giveaway I’m not seeing on this page? Why, yes, there is! You’ll find the Love to Last Contemporary Romance Giveaway here.

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