All Romance Gift Basket Giveaway

Twenty-two paperbacks, eight gift cards, a T-shirt, three mugs, six pieces of jewelry, chocolate from Ireland, a teacup and saucer, book tote, romance calendar, bath bomb, swag galore, and loads of other goodies…that’s what one lucky winner will be awarded as a grand prize in the Romance Gift Basket Giveaway. Enter now for your chance to win!

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The Prizes

Grand Prize
  • Gift Basket with Contributions from 45 authors, including several gift cards, paperback books, swag, trinkets, a tee shirt, booklover’s mug, jewelry and more!
Runner-Up Prizes
  • $25 Amazon gift card
  • $20 worth of ebooks from Amazon
  • $15 Amazon gift card
  • $15 worth of ebooks from Amazon 
  • $10 Amazon bookmark gift card
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Alexa Aston • Amanda Uhl • Carly Fall • Cate Tayler • Clara Stone • Connie Davé • Danielle M. Haas • E.B. Black • Eliza Watson • Elizabeth Rose • Erin Bevan • Holly Cortelyou • Honey Phillips • J. L. Lora • J.D. Monroe • J.M. Walker • Jacqueline Diamond • Jacquie Biggar • Jami Denise • Joanne Dannon • Jocelyn Dex • Judith Sterling • Karen Michelle Nutt • Katherine Gilbert • Kim Carmichael • Kris Michaels • L.E. Harrison • Laura Ashwood • Leslie Scott • LJ Swallow • M.C. Cerny • Marilyn Peake • Melissa McClone • Michelle Jo Quinn • Mona Sedrak • Naomi Bellina • Nina Crespo • Quinn • RM Alexander • Samantha Keith • Sarah Williams • Sharon Ashwood • Soraya Naomi • Stephen B King • Susan Kiley • Suzanne Jenkins • Tamara Ferguson • Tena Stetler • Theresa Beachman • Tracy Ellen • Victoria Grant • Zoe Forward • Aileen Harkwood

Rules: Giveaway starts at midnight on March 1 and ends at 12 am on March 22. Winners will be announced (first name, last initial) in the Rafflecopter entry form on March 24. No Purchase Necessary. Purchase does not increase your odds of winning. Open internationally to all persons 18 years or older. Void where prohibited. One completed entry form (with all bonus entries) per household.

One prize awarded per household (i.e. 6 winners will be selected. Each will be awarded one prize and one prize only from the list of prizes in this giveaway. Example: you can’t win the Grand Prize Gift Basket AND another prize from the list). Names are drawn in order of prize value, highest value to lowest value. 

Grand Prize: Prize is comprised of contributions that will be mailed separately by the individual contributing authors. Some authors are able to ship their prizes internationally, while others are not. In the event Rafflecopter selects an international winner for the grand prize, that winner will receive those prizes which authors are able to ship internationally, plus a $100 gift card from Bookwrapt instead of the $50 card supplied by Bookwrapt to a U.S. winner as part of the gift basket. Bookwrapt is not responsible for the delivery of individual prizes being shipped by the authors.

Ebook prize packs cannot be delivered outside the U.S., and a gift card in the same amount as the pack will be substituted. 

Winning entries chosen via bonus entries, where following an author on BookBub, or other social media, or subscribing to a newsletter is required to earn that extra entry, are subject to verification. If it’s discovered a winner hasn’t completed the task, they will be disqualified.

Winners will be notified by using the email they provide to Rafflecopter and have 48 hours to respond to that email. We are not responsible for emails that go to spam folders or which become lost and not delivered.

Please see Rafflecopter entry form for a complete list of rules.

Here Are the Goodies in the Grand Prize Gift Basket

Note: Authors with their contributions are shown in alphabetical order and will be shipped to the grand prize winner individually by each author. If you are selected as the grand prize winner, you must supply a physical shipping address in order to receive the items in this basket. This giveaway is open internationally, though not all authors are able to ship prizes internationally. In the event Rafflecopter selects an international winner, those authors who are able to ship overseas will ship and Bookwrapt will increase the amount of its gift card to $100 from $50.

$50 Amazon Gift Card from Bookwrapt
$50 Amazon Gift Card
$5 Amazon Gift Card from Alexa Aston
$5 Amazon Gift Card
Mind Waves Tee from Amanda Uhl
Mind Waves Tee from Amanda Uhl
Signed Paperback with Swag from Carly Fall
Signed Paperback & Swag
Bookmark and a Signed Book from Cate Tayler
Love Me Like You Do by Cate Tayler
Bookmark and Bracelet Swag from Clara Stone
Bookmarks & Bracelet Swag
Signed Paperback of Bound by Danger from Danielle M. Haas
Bound by Danger by Danielle M. Haas
A Woman’s Fiction Paperback with Strong Romantic Elements Signed by the Author from Eliza Watson
Eliza Watson Paperback
Signed Paperback of Forgotten Secrets from Elizabeth Rose
Forgotten Secrets by Elizabeth Rose
Wrapping Paper from Erin Bevan
Wrapping Paper
A Paperback and Swag Lip Gloss from Holly Cortelyou
Swag from Holly Cortelyou
Oatmeal and Honey Bath Bubble Bomb from Honey Phillips
Oatmeal & Honey Bath Bubble Bomb
Teacup and Saucer from J.L. Lora
Teacup & Saucer
Signed paperback of Wings of Stone, shopping tote, dragon logo cup from J.D. Monroe
Swag from JD Monroe
Bookmarks, Button, Pen, and Keychain Swag from J.M. Walker
Swag from JM Walker
Trade Paperback of The Case of the Surly Surrogate from Jacqueline Diamond
The Case of the Surly Surrogate by Jacqueline Diamond
Booklover’s Coffee Mug from Jacquie Biggar
Don't Bother Me, I'm Reading Coffee Mug
Author Swag and Fun Spring-Themed Items from Jami Denise
Author Swag
Signed Paperback and Exclusive Keyring from Joanne Dannon
Falling for Mr. Wrong by Joanne Dannon
Green and White Beaded Bracelet from Jocelyn Dex
Green and White Beaded Bracelet
A Signed Paperback of Soul of the Wolf from Judith Sterling
Soul of the Wolf
$10 Amazon Gift Card from Karen Michelle Nutt
$10 Amazon Gift Card
Signed Paperback of Protecting the Dead from Katherine Gilbert
Protecting the Dead by Katherine Gilbert
$5 Amazon Gift Card from Kim Carmichael
$5 Amazon Gift Card
Paperback Copy of Blackbird from L.E. Harrison
Signed Paperback of Second Chances from Laura Ashwood
Second Chances by Laura Ashwood
Signed Paperback of The Finish Line and $10 Gift Card from Leslie Scott
The Finish Line by Leslie Scott
Swag Pack of Bookmarks and a Paperback from M.C. Cerny
Swag Pack and a Paperback
Swag and a $5 Starbucks Gift Card from Melissa McClone
Swag and Starbucks Card
Macrame Earrings, Woven Bookmark, and a Door Hanger from Michelle Jo Quinn
Macrame Earrings, Woven Bookmark and a Door Hanger
Paperback Six Months and a Wild Rose Press Calender from Mona Sedrak
Six Months and Wild Rose Press Calendar
Winner’s Choice of a Fun, Fabulous Sticker from Naomi Bellina
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Mug Featuring the Cover from The First Rule of Hookups from Nina Crespo
Nina Crespo Mug
Water Drop Necklace from R.M. Alexander
Water Drop Necklace
Paperback of Abducted from Samantha Keith
Abducted by Samantha Keith
Amazon Gift Card from Sarah Williams
Amazon Gift Card
Paperback Copy of Possessed by a Warrior from Sharon Ashwood
Possessed by a Warrior by Sharon Ashwood
Butler’s Chocolate Candy from Ireland from Soraya Naomi
Butler's Chocolate Candy
Signed Paperback of Thirty-Three Days from Stephen B. King
Thirty-Three Days by Stephen B. King
Book and Trinkets from Susan Kiley
Book and Trinkets
Pam of Babylon Cover Bracelet from Suzanne Jenkins
Pam of Babylon Bracelet
Two Hearts Wounded Warrior Romance Cover Bracelet from Tamara Ferguson
Two Hearts Wounded Warrior Cover Bracelet from Tamara Ferguson
$5 Amazon Gift Card from Tena Stetler
$5 Amazon Gift Card
Paperback of Acadia’s Law: Book 1 from Tracy Ellen
Acadia's Law by Tracy Ellen
Signed Paperback of Stranded in Love and Matching Bookmark from Victoria Grant
Stranded in Love by Victoria Grant